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Ex-Spinster by Christmas

(House of Haverstock, Book 4)

Ever pragmatic, Lady Caroline Ponsby has given up hope she’ll ever receive a proposal of marriage from Christopher Perry, the wealthy man she’s adored for almost two years. She is determined to be an ex-spinster by Christmas. To that end, she has invited a prospective suitor to spend Christmas with her family. She knows very well that Lord Brockton would love to get his hands on her dowry, and she’d love to be a married woman with a home and family of her own.

The very idea of his Lady Caroline throwing herself away on the likes of the vile Lord Brockton rankles Christopher Perry. A pity he cannot offer for her himself, but a duke’s daughter is too far above his touch, given his family’s humble origins. Nevertheless, Christopher attends the Duke of Aldridge’s Christmas house party with the intention of thwarting Lady Caroline’s grave misalliance with Brockton. If only he’s not too late . . .

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New Georgian novella
Only You is a novella from the anthology Ever My Love: Lore of the Lucius Ring (no longer available). The original prologue, written by Kathryn Le Veque, is included. Heat index for both stories: Sweet

Lady Annie Childe is accustomed to her twin sister taking everything that is hers, but she simply will not sit by idly while Fanny attempts to steal the affections of the only man Annie’s ever been attracted to—the Duke of Axminster.

Though the lovely twins are identical, it is the scattered-looking one who catches the eye of the Alex, the Duke of Axminster. She is the only woman he knows who shares his passion for politics. Not only that, she discusses them with keen intellect—and her views mirror his own. There is also something about her that elicits his protective instincts. But how can he withstand the assault from her scheming mother who’s determined he woo the wrong sister?

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All 6 Brides of Bath books
are now available in audio
All six of the Brides of Bath books are now available in audio with narration by British actress Rosalind Ashford. The Bride Wore Blue (Book 1 in the series), With His Ring (Book 2), The Bride's Secret (Book 3), To Take This Lord (Book 4), Love in the Library (Book 5), and A Christmas in Bath (Book 6) are available at: Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Also released in audio in time for the holidays is Christmas Brides (a collection of three regency novellas, including Christmas at Farley Manor, named best historical novella of 2011). Click here for more details on Cheryl's audio books.

Free audio book for The Bride Wore Blue

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