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The Bride Wore Blue
(The Brides of Bath, Book 1)

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The Bride Wore Blue (narrated by British actress Rosalind Ashford) is now available in audio format at the following sites:

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A Bargain Isn't A Bargain ... Until It Is Sealed With A Kiss 

Lacking the funds for a London season-yet determined to see her headstrong younger siblings suitably matched-lovely widow Felicity Harrison establishes herself in Bath, a grand dame at the tender age of twenty-four. However, her brother's gambling debts soon force her to accept a most unusual proposal from elegant nabob Thomas Moreland. He agrees to repay all markers provided she helps him gain social standing in Bath society. Though there is something oddly familiar about this gentleman, Felicity casts uncertainty aside and agrees to the arrangement. 

Having made a fortune in India, Thomas has returned home to win the heart of the woman who captured his own six years ago. Like an angel of mercy, Felicity came to his aid after a band of highwaymen left him for dead. Now, he's determined to convince this beauty still wearing widow's weeds that there's more to life than assembly rooms, matrons, and matchmaking. Showering her with ribbons of glorious colors, he'll awaken in her a desire to shed those weeds. But what Felicity doesn't know yet is that her greatest desire of all is to spend the rest of her life in Thomas' arms...

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Cheryl Bolenís writing draws you in to her fast-paced story

Six years ago, Thomas Moreland was saved by a beautiful, blue-eyed woman: a woman traveling by carriage to her wedding. He fell in love with her at first sight.

Though of humble birth, Thomas is educated and ambitious, ready to become a self-made man in India. Returning to England a wealthy man, he feels it is time to repay the woman who saved him.

Even though her husbandís death was four years ago, Lady Felicity Harrison still dresses in mourning clothes. The elder daughter of the Viscount Sedgewick, Felicity lives with her family in Bath. Every day is a struggle due to her late fatherís debts.

Now a mysterious stranger, a nabob from India, has bought all her brotherís gambling vouchers. What is he after and what must she do to prevent family ruin?

Cheryl Bolenís writing draws you in to her fast-paced story. As you read, you grow to care about the characters and what happens to them. SENSUAL (Jan., 306 pp., $5.99) 

óRomantic Times, 4 STARS

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