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The Regency Reference Book

By Cheryl Bolen

The Regency Reference Book
Emily Hendrickson
156 pages
Available on CD for $18 (includes postage)
My edition, 3rd printing, 1994

My dog-eared, comb-bound copy of Dee’s reference book was purchased in 1998, but many members of Beau Monde praise the newer CD version because of the search capabilities. Dee (a multipublished author of traditional regencies under the name Emily Hendrickson) says the new version includes color photographs.

The reference book fills a void that Dee discovered early in her writing career. “It seemed to me that the reference books either ended with a bit of info on the Regency period, or began just after with Victoria taking the throne,” Dee said. Since this was before the days of internet, Dee took herself off to the library and began to compile her own reference book of the era about which she wrote. Her first edition was published in 1991.

The book she produced has a 40-page Regency lexicon which includes idioms of the day, and an there is an additional 11-page glossary on women’s fashions and an 8-page glossary on men’s fashions.

She has also tackled titles, money, the postal system, mourning, men’s clubs, and household staff. Other topics addressed include life in London, social life, cultural scene, amusements, horse racing, and food.

Marriage, settlements, elopements, and inheritance are also addressed, as are various types of traveling during the Regency. Her illustrations of carriages are also helpful to those writing Regency-set novels.

Those who desire this book can send a check for $18 to Emily Hendrickson at 3585 Brighton Way, Reno, NV 89509. It is an invaluable resource for all of us who write Regency romances.

 This article was first published in The Quizzing Glass in October 2007.

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