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Available February 28



Excerpt from
Rescued by a Rake
(The Beresford Adventures, Book 4)

Who the devil was Miss Lucy Beresford? Why was the brazen woman writing to him? Monty knew none of Devere’s sisters were called Lucy. Such a pity all three of those beauties were now wed. Dare he hope this Lucy was half as lovely as the former Lady Sophia Beresford, who was now married to one of the sinfully wealthy Birminghams?

Monty might as well call around at Devere House today and satisfy his curiosity. He had little else to do. After discovering Hutchinson missing from the House of Commons yesterday, Monty had made inquiries about his friend at White’s and Brook’s, but no one had seen Hutch.

He stared at the lady’s missive. The lady’s hand lacked the flourishes that characterized most women’s handwriting. This woman’s script on perfectly straight, invisible lines was quite small and exceedingly neat. Even without the flourishes, it was distinctively feminine.

My Dear Lord Montague,

 Would you be so kind as to call upon me at Devere House on Curzon at your convenience? I wish to discuss with you an important matter concerning a mutual friend.

 Most sincerely,
Lucy Beresford

 How could they have a mutual friend when he had no idea who she was? From the surname and the fact she was staying at Devere House, he deduced she must be a Beresford cousin.

 That deduction struck a long-buried memory . . . by Jove! After a nasty string of gaming losses few years back, Hutch had gotten himself engaged to a Beresford cousin.

While Monty had never met the chit, he knew two things about her: she had a fat dowry, and she was plain. Which explained why her father had been particularly anxious to marry her off to Hutch.

Now, at least, Monty knew who their mutual friend was. No doubt, Miss Beresford would be trying to locate her missing fiancé. The very thought of Hutchinson’s absence sent Monty’s gut plummeting. The two men had been friends since they were dropped off at Eton at age seven, and in all that time, each of them always knew what the other one was doing. Hutchinson’s mysterious disappearance was unprecedented.

Monty felt something was wrong.

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