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Murder at Veranda House

(Texas Heroines in Peril)

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Lovely young widow Annette Holcombe is forced to turn her Veranda House on Galveston Island into a B & B after the recent death of her husband, a man she'd known only a short time. Upon his untimely death, she learns that the only thing she really knew about him was that everything she knew about him was a lie!

And if being penniless wasn't bad enough, now Annette's got to contend with threatening letters, suspicious guests, fears for her daughter's safety, an impending hurricane and murder! If only there was someone to trust. Someone like Dr. Grant Garrison, a personable, good-looking guest who's teaching at the island's medical school.

But Grant, too, isn't what he seems.

* * *

Murder at Veranda House has it all...

Murder at Veranda House, an installment in the Texas Heroines in Peril series, has it all--sizzling romance, an intriguing tale of who done it, a fun cast of oddball characters (some of them, anyway), and a historic home that becomes a major player in the suspense. In Print

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