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The Beresford Adventures series
Iím so excited over my new series, The Beresford Adventures, thatís being published by Dragonblade Books. Faithful fans may remember that I introduced the Beresfords in my Brazen Brides book Oh, What a (Wedding) Night. Now, each of the siblings has a story in this romantic new adventure series.

  Daphne du Maurier Finalist

Book 2 (My Lord Protector) in the series was a finalist for Best Historical Mystery in the competition for the 2022 Daphne du Maurier Award.

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Lady Mary's Dangerous Encounter (Book 1)

Lord Stephen Stanhope, a duke's diplomat son who's traveling to the Congress of Vienna, agrees to protect his friend's wayward sister on Stephen's journey to Austria. Lady Mary Beresford has impetuously set off on her own for Vienna.Vexed with the headstrong woman he's yet to meet, Stephen despairs of ever catching up with the maddening lady. Theyeventually meet at an inn in the Alps, where the guests' progress has been impeded by two matters: a blizzard-and Lady Mary's refusal to leave until she's found an elderly fellow traveler who has disappeared.

Mary's infuriated that everyone at the inn is in a conspiracy to deny the woman ever existed and to imply Mary invented her. Just when every person at the inn is against her, the handsome Lord Stephen arrives and becomes her champion.

Stephen doesn't tell her he's been sent by her brother, nor does he actually believe her preposterous story. Until there's an attempt on her life. . .


My Lord Protector (Book 2)

On the most horrifying night of her life, Charlotte Robinson discovers the murdered body of the mysterious woman who's engaged her as a companion at a remote Cornish manor house. Then, in her bedchamber, Charlotte finds the hidden note from the dead woman that tells her to flee, to change her name, to not trust anyone or she, too, will be killed. Along with the note is her employer's journal. She speedily packs a valise, the money she's saved, and the dead woman's journal and sets off in the dark of night. She eventually arrives in London using the name Caroline Rutherford and manages to secure a position as a companion to the youngest sister of the Earl of Devere.

London's most sought-after bachelor, Devere has never met the woman with whom he wants to be shackled, but for reasons he cannot understand, he becomes obsessed with his sister's companion, the quiet Caroline Rutherford, a woman of mystery. So many things about her don't add up, but nothing he says or does will loosen her tongue-not even his stolen kisses which he knows she enjoys as much as he.

When she narrowly escapes a murderous plot, the terrified woman confesses all to him, and together they set out to learn the identity of the murderer of her former employer . . . if only they can stay alive.


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With a Little Help From My Lord (Book 3)

An innocent trip to the book store propels Lady Harriett Beresford into danger when a stranger tells her there's a plot against the regent, and she must warn the Fat Man. The stranger then collapses on her doorstep. Dead. She rushes to find aid, and when she returns, the dead man is gone. No one believes her.

Her brother, who's gone on his wedding trip, has persuaded his closest friend, Alex Muir, Baron of Rockingham, to watch out for his sister while he's away. Alex, who has known Lady Harriett all her life, refers to her as Bitsy. When Bitsy turns to him for help, he's skeptical. The exuberant young lady has always had a flair for the dramatic. But when someone attempts to kill her, his protective instincts kick in.

Together they set off to find the Fat Man, save the regent, and perhaps just fall in love along the perilous journey.


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